Your Meditation Practice Will Change Your Government

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Do you want to change your government’s policies?


By learning how to meditate, you can achieve inner calm and peace. You then radiate out those beautiful qualities to all around you.

Learning the basics correctly will get you started right. Watch this how to meditate video to discover how.

You also gain focus. You become able to laser target government to instill peace, calmness and love in the people running your country. How to meditate courses will guide you.

Just like politics is made more powerful by groups,so is meditation. You can vastly increase the power of your meditations by joining a group of like minded meditators, all meditating together to change government. politics and politicians. Join an I Love Meditation Telecon here.

[caption id="attachment_8" align="aligncenter" width="224"]Ramana 224x300 Your Meditation Practice Will Change Your Government Meditation Purifies Politics[/caption]

The quickest way to gain access to deep, powerful meditation states is Shaktipat Kundalini.

Shaktipat transmissions will take you into deep states of meditation instantly.

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